May 5, 2016

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  • More Showstoppers!!!

    In my last blog I wrote about this great book I am reading, Showstoppers!: The Surprising Backstage Stories of Broadways Most Memorable Songs by Gerald Nachman.  I found myself devouring this book to the point that I finished it in just a couple of days.  But, as promised, here are some more fun stories that […]

  • What are “Showstoppers?”

    I am reading the wonderful book Showstoppers!: The Surprising Backstage Stories of Broadway’s Most Memorable Songs by Gerald Nachman.  It seems every few pages I am finding myself saying, “Hmmm, I never knew that!”  So, I thought I would share with you some of his information. First – GYPSY.  This musical is a gangbuster musica […]

  • The world and the “I want”…

    Over a year ago, 57th NATIONAL MATHLETE SUM-IT (formerly NUMBERS NERDS and now available for licensing through Theatrical Rights Worldwide) was accepted to the Theatre Resources Unlimited (TRU) workshop in New York.  TRU is a great organization that helps develop and create new musicals.  It offers workshops throughout the year to help with various elements […]

  • Stories in Musicals!

    Creating and developing a new musical is magical and exciting.  It is also painfully difficult.  The great musicals (HAMILTON, HELLO DOLLY, OKLAHOMA!) all took a great deal of time and work.  And even then they are also not perfect. (When I heard Lin Manuel Miranda say that there were a bunch of things that […]

  • Villains in Musicals!

    What do an octopus, a mad nuclear scientist and a man-eating plant have in common?  They are all great villains in musical theatre. As we are working on our Christmas show, we are looking to create a villain for our story.  I love villains in the theatre.   The more colorful, meaner and more angry they […]

  • Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway…

    I read an article today that reported that for the first time in a long time a show Off Broadway opened and made money.    Of course, there have been long running shows Off Broadway that have made a great deal of money (BLUE MAN GROUP, STOMP, etc.) but those opened a few years ago. As […]

  • Musicals that are song cycles.

    As I was wrapping my brain around one of the new musicals that I am working on, it suddenly hit me…maybe this show is really a song cycle and not a musical with a full book. Over the past year I have been to four different shows that were song cycles.  Recently I discussed this […]

  • Jukebox Musicals…

    What is a jukebox musical?  I heard someone ask this question the other day….and this person was a regular theatre goer.  When I started to explain to them what it was and what some of the more popular Broadway musicals were, a big smile came on her face.  “Oh, I get it!  I love them!&rdquo […]

  • What makes GREAT Choreography?

    I was meeting with a director/choreographer recently and I asked the question – what makes “great” choreography?  We then had a long talk about what each of us valued in choreography and how choreography plays a vital role in musicals today.   As a producer, I look at choreography in the “big picture” mode. Here ar […]

  • Next new musical?????

    Since 57th National Mathlete Sum-it has been given to Theatrical Rights Worldwide, I have been lucky enough to start working on my next project. Truth is, I have been thinking about this next project for a while, but not a lot.  My mentor, Ken Davenport has been urging me to start moving and get t […]


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